Off the Beaten Track is Moving!


I’ve been busy the last couple of months moving the blog over to a new, more ‘professional’ website, with web developer Murray Richardson. We’ve got the blog exported and the basics worked out, and we’re just getting a bit done on the other areas of the new site before opening it.

All my blog posts are being put up on there, so they’ll be invisible for a bit yet, but there are already posts on on my trip Antarctica several years ago (with about a hundred pics – words can’t begin to describe that place!), and our much more recent adventures in Barbarian Valley, a largely forgotten scenic gem on the headwaters of the Keelung River in New Taipei City. Lots more blog entries to follow soon.

The new website will be up and open for business soon!

By the way, Murray (whom I strongly recommend if you want to set up a new website!) can be reached at


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